spin1 [ spın ] (past tense and past participle spun [ spʌn ] ) verb **
▸ 1 turn around quickly
▸ 2 feel confused/sick
▸ 3 present something certain way
▸ 4 go quickly by vehicle
▸ 5 make thread
▸ 6 tell story in exciting way
1. ) intransitive to turn around and around quickly:
The Earth spins on its axis.
The kids were spinning in circles, making themselves dizzy.
a ) transitive to make something turn around and around:
Spin the wheel with your hand.
b ) intransitive to turn around quickly:
She spun around to face him.
c ) intransitive when a washing machine spins, it squeezes water out of the clothes by turning the drum around and around quickly
2. ) intransitive if your head spins, you feel confused or sick
3. ) transitive INFORMAL to present information in a particular way, especially in a way that makes something seem good or less bad:
How do you think the candidate will spin this story?
4. ) intransitive spin past/by/away to go somewhere quickly in a car, on a bicycle, etc.:
A car went spinning past us.
5. ) intransitive or transitive to twist fibers of a material such as cotton or wool into THREAD to make cloth:
She spins all her own wool.
She taught me how to spin.
a ) transitive if an insect or SPIDER spins something such as a WEB, it makes it from THREAD that it produces in its body:
The class watched the caterpillar spin its cocoon.
6. ) transitive MAINLY LITERARY to tell a story in an interesting and exciting way:
spin a tale/yarn/story
=> HEEL1
,spin `off phrasal verb transitive
1. ) to create something new based on something else that already exists
2. ) to make part of a company into a new independent company
,spin `out phrasal verb transitive
to make something last for a long time, usually longer than is good or necessary:
I tried to spin things out until you arrived.
spin 2 [ spın ] noun *
1. ) count or uncount a quick turning movement around and around:
Give the wheel a spin.
a ) uncount the movement of a ball that turns around and around after it has been thrown or hit:
The ball had a lot of spin on it.
b ) singular the movement of an aircraft that turns as it falls with its front pointing toward the ground:
go into a spin: The airplane suddenly went into a spin.
2. ) count INFORMAL a short trip for pleasure in a car:
go for a spin: We're going for a spin in Al's new car.
take a car for a spin: Why don't you take it (=the car) for a spin?
3. ) singular or uncount INFORMAL a way of giving information, especially a way that makes something seem good or less bad:
Not even the craftiest politician could put a positive spin on this.

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.


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